Beautiful Rocky Mountain view on a drive from Vancouver to Banff

Vancouver to Banff Tour – Which One is the Best?

Don’t miss this spectacular tour from Vancouver to Banff!

A Vancouver Banff tour  is one of the most spectacular trips in the world!

Whether you’re still thinking about if you should take this Vancouver local tour to Banff or if you’ve already decided you’re going to do it. you’ve come to the right place!  As a native Canadian, Vancouver resident and avid traveler, I’ve made the trip from Vancouver to Banff by bus several times – it’s hard to resist all of that breath-taking scenery!

Rely on me to help you decide which Vancouver to Banff tour package is right for you.  What are the best Banff tours?  When is the best time to go?  Which tour company should you use?  What stops along the way are best?  How many days is optimal? Should you take an organized tour or drive yourself from Vancouver to Banff?

I’m going to answer all those questions and more so that you can relax and enjoy this amazing Vancouver and Banff trip!

Seasonal Tip:  Vancouver to Banff Tours are more limited in the winter season and activities offered are winter-oriented. 

Check out this great winter group tour option here

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Vancouver to Banff Bus Tours

Many tour companies offer bus tours from Vancouver to Banff.  The routes offered vary widely in terms of what is included, the expertise of the guides, the stops along the way and the additional perks offered.

However, you can virtually guarantee that you will see the spectacular scenery of the the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise, and Banff National Park on all tours.

Banff has some world class hiking trails.  Check out Taylor’s great post all about the best hiking in Banff.

How Much Time Do You Need for a Banff Tour from Vancouver?

In my experience, a minimum of 4-days is needed to get a good experience and appreciation for this spectacular bus tour Vancouver to Banff.

The trip from Vancouver to Banff is almost 900 kilometres and that isn’t including any side-trips you might want to enjoy along the way!

A Banff trip from Vancouver of more than 4-days are even better.  If you’re interested in a more in-depth look at British Columbia, the Canadian Rockies, Lake Louise and Jasper National Park, consider a longer tour. You’ll have more time for photography, see some sights that are a little bit off the beaten track, and truly appreciate this great part of the world.

Check out Mike’s comprehensive post for the ultimate guide to visiting Banff in summer for lots of great ideas for when you get to Banff!

Canada's breathtaking Rocky Mountains, something you will see on your bus tour from Vancouver to Banff
Canada’s Spectacular Rocky Mountains

Vancouver to Banff Trip Tours – Options

4-Day Tour

This is one of the best Banff tours from Vancouver!  If you only have 4-days to see the spectacular Rocky Mountains and Banff, this is definitely the 4 day Canadian Rockies tour from Vancouver for you!  This is a great tour after you’ve spent 4 days in Vancouver.

A lot is packed into this short Canadian Rockies coach tour, and the value is pretty good!  Three nights accommodation is included along with 3 breakfasts and 1 dinner.  Also included is a great winery tasting experience and discounts on optional activities.  I think my favourite part of this Banff National Park tour from Vancouver is the campfire with marshmallow roast on day 3 :-).

On the way back to Vancouver you’ll see the Icefields Parkway, one of the most beautiful journeys on the planet –  rated as one of the top drives in the world by Conde Nast Traveller.  This stretch of road is dotted with more than 100 ancient glaciers, waterfalls, rock spires and emerald lakes.  You’ll be amazed and inspired 🙂

Icefields Parkway in Canada's Rocky Mountains, a sight on a Vancouver to Banff tour
Icefields Parkway

You’ll also see Jasper National Park and the Last Spike, and you’ll enjoy some amazing hiking in spectacular canyons and lakes as well as a really fun cowboy ranch experience in Valemount.

This is the best trip to Banff from Vancouver for you if you want a more active tour with plenty of optional activities.  Don’t forget your travel medical insurance before you go!

This bus tour from Vancouver to Banff also includes en route entertainment, games and prizes.  This may not be for everyone but I’ve found the tour guides are generally very entertaining :-).  I use Get Your Guide tours whenever I want to see a great new destination.  Get Your Guide tours offer easy cancellation, mobile vouchers and last minute availability.

Find out more about this fun tour here.

Winter Group Tour from Vancouver to Banff

Viator offers an excellent 4-day group tour from Vancouver to Banff in the winter season offering seasonally appropriate activities such as sledding, Rocky Mountain bonfires, ice skating, tobaganning, optional skiing/snowboarding, shopping, hot springs soaking,  and much more.

Winter tours such as this one sell out fast as few are available.  Don’t miss out!

Click here to find out more about this great winter tour from

Vancouver to Banff.

Another great option for seeing some beautiful Rocky Mountain scenery is to drive from Calgary to Banff.  Check out Dalene’s very information article for everything you need to know.

A beautiful lake in Canada's Rocky Mountains, which can be seen on a Vancouver to Banff tour
Breathtaking lake in Canada’s Rocky Mountains

5-Day Tour from Vancouver to Banff

This is one of the best Canadian Rockies coach tours.  If you need to start in and return to Vancouver, this tour is for you!  This tour is ideal if you’re taking a cruise out of Vancouver as you’ll return to Vancouver at the end of the tour but still have enough time to enjoy all the sights from Vancouver to Banff.

Check out Sharon’s great post for some amazing photos of Canada.  I really love the ones she took in the Banff area!

This tour to Banff from Vancouver includes some of the best sights between Vancouver and Banff with stops in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Revelstoke, Lake Louise, Icefields Parkway, Banff National Park and several bonus stops as well.  Resort-style accommodation is included in this tour.  I particularly love the Sutton Place Hotel in Revelstoke, where you’ll spend the first night.

This tour (Banff from Vancouver) is really special because not only do you get some quality leisure time to explore on your own, but you also receive the benefit of guided tours at some amazing places along the way, including wildlife tours!  You’re sure to see the famous elk strolling around Banff while you’re there.  If you’ve always wanted to ride a gondola up a mountain in the Canadian Rockies, this is your chance!  If you like non-touristy things to do, this is definitely the Vancouver Banff bus tour for you.

If you’d like to spend more time in the Kootenays or return for a visit, check out Tamara’s excellent post all about the great things to do in the Kootenays.

Breakfasts are included in this bus from Vancouver to Banff as well as a dinner.  Viator is an international tour company with great tours around the world.  I’ve used Viator many times when I wanted to be assured of a great quality tour with excellent accommodations.

Find out more about this spectacular tour here.

6-Day Tour Vancouver to Banff

If you really want to immerse yourself and experience the Canadian Rockies fully, this is one of the best trips from Vancouver to Banff!

This tour from Vancouver to Banff and Lake Louise is particularly well-priced, given that it’s 6 full days.  The reviews of this tour are pretty amazing!  It’s definitely one of the best tours from Vancouver to Banff and Lake Louise.

This tour begins and ends in Vancouver and offers an excellent itinerary.  Meals are not included but can be added for an additional cost.  I like the added flexibility that this tour offers.  If you’re more budget-conscious you can make choices to keep your expenses on the low side.  The hotels included on this Banff bus tour from Vancouver are reasonable mid-range hotels – clean and comfortable.

This 6-day Banff tour package from Vancouver has a really excellent itinerary!  You’ll experience wine-tasting in the Okanagan, where some of the best wineries in Canada are located.  Banff National Park will amaze you with its Rocky Mountain peaks, turquoise glacier lakes and abundant wildlife.  Have you ever seen a big-horn sheep or a full-grown moose sporting a full rack of antlers?  These animals and more are commonly seen on this tour!

Pro tip:  Did you know that Banff National Park is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Canadian Rocky Mountains?

This tour also includes time at Lake Louise, a hamlet in Banff National Park.  It’s also the home of Chateau Lake Louise, a beautiful rail hotel built at the turn of the 20th century by the Canadian National Railway.  It was originally conceived as a vacation destination to lure wealthy travelers into taking trains and heading west : -).  It’s a sight well worth seeing.

Check out Diana’s post for more information about Banff and other beautiful Canadian landmarks!

Chateau Lake Louise, in Canada's Rocky Mountains, a sight on your Vancouver to Banff bus tour
Chateau Lake Louise

On the way back to Vancouver on this great tour you’ll stop in to see the Last Spike at Craigellachie, British Columbia.  This is where the ceremonial final spike in the Canadian Pacific Railway was driven on November 1885, marking the end of construction of Canada’s first transcontinental railroad.

Tours4Fun is a budget tour company offering great value tours for all ages that are flexible to suit your needs.

Find out more about this great tour here.

What is the Best Time of Year for a Bus Tour to Banff from Vancouver?

Winter in Canada can be cold!  No surprise there 🙂  It goes without saying that it’s best to take your Jasper Banff tour from Vancouver when the weather is more favourable and you won’t have to wear a parka.

Although roads and highways in Canada are well-maintained, it can still be snowy and icy in the Canadian Rockies into April and early May.  The average temperatures in Banff in May is a low of 1 degree Celsius, with a high of 18 degrees Celsius.  It’s warmest in July when temperature rises to a 23 degrees Celsius during the day with a low of 7 degrees Celsius at night.  August is a tiny bit cooler and in September temperatures start to get down into single digits again.

Depending on your tolerance and preferences, pick a month where you will feel comfortable.  Make sure to bring enough warm clothing no matter what time of year you choose, as night time temperatures are always going to be cool.

In terms of precipitation in Banff, snow is not unusual into May, but is not expected from June through August and usually September as well.  You might expect some rainfall in the summer months with June having the most chance of rain.  Overall however, the summer months of June-early September are usually quite dry in Banff and in the Canadian Rockies.

Visiting Vancouver during the winter is a great option, with milder temperatures and lots to see and do.  If you’re not sure where to stay when you visit Vancouver, check out my comprehensive guide here.  Consider taking a roadtrip on the famous Sea to Sky Highway while you’re visiting!

Erika has some great tips and information about visiting Banff National Park.  Check it out!

Bus Tour Tips

Comfort on the Bus

Bring a pillow (neck pillow).  Many interesting shapes are available and if you have neck or back issues the right one can be invaluable.  You might like to use it to lay your head back on, or to put between yourself and the window of the bus.

This is a great option.  This neck pillow is inflatable, which can really help keep your luggage to a minimum.  The best kind of luggage to use on this trip is undoubtedly a backpack on wheels.  If you don’t have one already, here’s a great guide to choosing the right one for you.

Wear comfortable clothing.  Clothing that is tight or stiff and with complicated buttons or snaps will be comfortable to wear while you’re bus touring.  Choose your shoes wisely, as you may need hiking boots if you’re planning on a hiking excursion in the Rockies or if you have weak ankles and will be walking on uneven pavement.

Consider dressing in layers, as bus temperatures may vary.  Although all tour buses will be air conditioned, it may be cooler or warmer than you feel most comfortable in.  Don’t forget that you’ll be getting out of the bus reguarly so that you’ll want to have a jacket or sweater in close proximity and easily accessible.

Bus trip Entertaiment

A trip from Vancouver to Banff will be so chock full of amazing scenery that you may not think you’ll need anything additional for entertainment.  But, you may still want another diversion during the tour.  Bring along your iPad, smart phone or laptop, and download movies, shows or music in advance.  Bring along the appropriate chargers too as well as a portable charging device. There may be charging ports on the bus, but this is not guaranteed on tours to Banff from Vancouver.

Books, magazines and newspapers are always a welcome diversion.

Don’t forget binoculars!  These are a great option for viewing wildlife.  There’s so much wildlife to see on your journey – don’t miss out on your chance to see an elk like this!

Tours like these are a great way to really work on your photography skills.  With so much great scenery and fascinating wildlife to enjoy, make sure you bring along a great camera to capture everything you want to remember.  Check out Shimona’s great advice to finding the best camera for travel.

A photo of an elk in the wild, a beautiful sight on your tour from Vancouver to Banff

Vancouver to Banff Tours Travel snacks

You’ll be stopping for regular meals during each day but if you like to snack in between meals or prefer your own snacks, bring  them along.   Try some excellent Canadian food while you’re here!

Do you know the best places to eat in Banff?  Check out Mayuri’s great post for some great Banff restaurants.

General tips for Bus Tours from Vancouver to Banff

  • Be on time – don’t be that person who always returns late from a meal break on your Banff National Park tours from Vancouver.
  • Bring a bank or ATM card, credit cards and Canadian dollars.  You may find yourself in more remote locations that don’t accept credit cards so having a variety of ways to make purchases is handy
  • Take advantage of all comfort stops, whether you think you need to or not.  Get up and walk around as often as possible.
  • Try to pack as lightly as you can.  You’ll be carrying your bags each night you stop and the lighter your bag, the happier you’ll be
  • Bring a notebook with you to jot down things you see and hear that you’ll want to remember.  This is also a great place to make sketches if you’re artistically inclined.
  • When you leave the hotel to explore the area, bring a hotel leaflet or card with you.  It’s easy to forget where you’re staying when you’re staying somewhere different every night!
  • If you’re planning to stay in Banff for a few days after your tour to Banff from Vancouver, this 3-day itinerary for Banff is great
  • If you’re visiting Banff in winter, a spectacular activity is the Johnson Canyon Ice Walk, with gorgeous limestone rocks and plethora of scenic waterfalls.
  • A great side trip from Banff is to the Spray Lakes, just and hour south of Banff.  Cindy has a great guide to the Spray Lakes region here.
  • If you like great hiking, the Plain of Six Glacier’s hike is one of the best in Banff.

Recommended Reading Before or During your Trip from Vancouver to Banff

If you have an interest in the history of Canada and how our massive railroad was built, the best choice is Pierre Burton’s classic story of The Last Spike.  In the four years between 1881 and 1885, Canada was forged into one nation by the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Last Spike reconstructs the incredible story of how some 2,000 miles of steel crossed the continent in just five years.

The best travel books are written by the people at The Lonely Planet.  They’ve published a great guide to Banff, Jasper and Glacier National Parks.

For some great Canadian fiction, you can’t go wrong with acclaimed Canadian author Margaret Atwood.  She wrote The Handmaid’s Tale, on which the Emmy-award winning series is based, as well as Alias Grace.

Chirasree had an great trip to the Canadian Rockies and took some amazing photos while she was there.  Check out her travelogue for all the details!

Banff Travel Insurance

World Nomads offers excellent comprehensive travel insurance options to travelers worldwide.  I highly recommend them when you tour Banff from Vancouver.

Luxurious Option for Vancouver to Banff Tour

If you want a truly luxurious experience on your tours Vancouver to Banff, get on-board the famous Rocky Mountaineer!

As advertised, the Rocky Mountaineer is the key to unlocking a hidden world of unparalleled beauty as you carve through otherwise inaccessible terrain in the Canadian Rockies.  The Rocky Mountaineer has been awarded the “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train” at the World Travel Awards seven times, for its Gold Leaf service.  It’s even been recognized by National Geographic Magazine as one of the “World’s Best Journey’s” in 2007.

I’ll be writing more about taking the Rocky Mountaineer soon!  If you’re keen to find out more, check out all the information you need on the Rocky Mountaineer website.

Are you thinking about taking a journey from Vancouver to Banff?  Do you have any questions about this part of the world?  Leave your questions and comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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  6. I have lived in B.C. most of my life and I am just going to see Banff and Lake Louise for the first time this summer! I can’t wait to see all the beautiful scenery and especially the turquoise water of Lake Louise. These tours sound perfect for someone travelling in our province for the first time or as a way to simply sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of the gorgeous views!

  7. Great itineraries!! We live near Banff so we get there a lot, and often fly to Van, but this does peak our interested to do the drive. So many beautiful sights, and I agree that Lake Louise is not to be missed!! Thanks for posting.

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    1. My pleasure Oleh 🙂 Bus tours aren’t for everyone but lots of people really enjoy them. I hope you get to enjoy visiting Banff soon!

  11. I love Canada, I have been there twice but couldn’t visit a lot. Hope to return soon and yes this trip sounds amazing since I love Nature

  12. I’ve never been to Canada but it’s top of my bucket list, especially Banff! Thanks for all the information about the tours, I’ll definitely refer back to this when I finally get round to visiting! ☺️

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