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3 Easy Ways to Get Priority Pass Vancouver Luxury Lounge Access

Do you know about Priority Pass lounges at Vancouver International Airport (YVR)?  In addition to making sure your passport is up to date, you need a place to relax, somewhere to eat and maybe even take a nap between connecting flights.  Priority Pass Vancouver access be a great choice for you!

I’ve got all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether paying for access to a Priority Pass Lounge Vancouver is worth it for you.  Let’s go!

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Priority Pass Vancouver

Priority Pass is in the business of providing lounges in airports around the world.  Airport lounges are becoming very competitive and a great way for airlines to compete for passengers.  

Most international airports, including YVR, have private airport lounges that can be accessed by the public in a variety of ways:

  • By acquiring an annual membership – such as you can with YVR Priority Pass.
  • paying a one-time entrance fee to the lounge (when available).
  • flying Business class or First Class with a particular airline, who offers a lounge for their customers.  For example, if you fly Business Class or First Class with Air Canada, you can access the Maple Leaf Lounge (you may be able to purchase a Maple Leaf Lounge pass).  Likewise, flying premium classes on Cathay Pacific garners access to the Cathay Pacific Lounges.

Vancouver Priority Pass has a number of lounges at YVR in the domestic, USA and International terminals. Lounge pass options included the Priority lounge program include Plaza Premium lounges, Skyteam, Mera, and other First Class,  VIP and Business Lounges worldwide. 

See here for an up to date listing of all 1200+ Priority Pass Lounges worldwide.

Do you want some great tips for making it through long haul flights?  Check out Mallory’s great advice here.

Priority Pass YVR

A jet taking off at Priority Pass Vancouver lounges

When deciding which Vancouver Priority Pass lounge to use at YVR, you must first determine what terminal you’ll be flying out of.  All Vancouver airport lounge Priority Pass are located beyond the security checkpoints. You’ll only be able to access lounges located in the terminal you are flying out of.

Please note:  USA bound flights leave YVR via the USA terminal, not the international terminal.  If your destination is in the USA, you will not be able to access the lounges in the international terminal.

Vancouver Airport Lounge – Domestic Terminal – Flights within Canada

There are two Priority Pass lounges within the domestic terminal to choose from.

Plaza Premium Lounge – Level 3, near Gate C29

Hours:0600 - 2200 Sunday-Friday.
0600 - 2100 Saturday
Hours can vary depending on flight schedules
Conditions:Maximum 3 hour stay, children under 2 admitted free, smart casual dress required
Facilities:disabled access, air conditioning, newspapers/magazines, WIFI
Seating Options:Tables & chairs for meals
comfortable upholstered chairs
Food offeringshot and cold options, appetizers, sandwiches & soup, sweets.
LiquorFull bar service available to 18+
How to access:Priority Pass members
Walk-in's can use the lounge for $30 for the first hour or $50 for 2 hours

This comfortable lounge is perfect for short stays while awaiting your flight out of the C gates at YVR.  There are plenty of power outlets and places to work in un-interrupted quiet.

This lounge does not offer restroom facilities but they are easily accessible just outside the lounge.  There are no showers or sleeping facilities at this lounge.

This lounge is the smallest Priority Pass Lounge at YVR.  It is not enclosed, but rather, it is located at the edge of the concourse just beyond the security checkpoint.  I accessed this lounge in April 2019 first thing in the morning.   Breakfast food was available as well as hot and cold beverages.

The seating was quite comfortable  and it was easy to get a seat with access to an electrical outlet.  Although this Priority Pass lounge YVR doesn’t offer the peace and quiet of one of the enclosed Priority Pass Lounges, it was nice to be able to get a reasonable breakfast and a cup of tea before my flight.

The airport concourse at Vancouver International Airport

Plaza Premium Lounge – Level 3, near Gate B15

Hours:0600-2200 Sunday to Friday
0600-2100 Saturday
Hours can vary according to flight schedules
Conditions:Maximum 3 hour stay, children under 2 admitted free, smart casual dress required
Facilities:disabled access, TV, WIFI, air conditioning, showers, newspapers/magazines, telephone & fax, private restrooms
Seating Options:Spacious with a variety of seating options including bar chairs, dining chairs & tables, upholstered lounge chairs
Food:Extensive buffet with hot and cold options, and some a la carte options
Liquor:full-service bar
How to Access:Priority Pass membership, pay at the door $50/2 hours, plus other options

This large Priority Pass airport lounge can be accessed via either the B or C gates screening area, but be prepared for a long walk back to the C gates.  

I accessed this Priority Pass Vancouver airport lounge in April 2019 before a trip to New York City and I thought it was one of the best lounges in Vancouver YVR.  This lounge is quite new and impressively furnished with easy lounge chairs arranged in pairs throughout the lounge.  The variety of food selection is quite good with both hot and cold options available, and there are several kinds of dining tables available.  Alcohol is served beginning at 11am.  

The washroom facilities in this nice lounge were clean and well-maintained.  I always appreciate this!

This is the only Priority Pass Vancouver airport lounge in the domestic terminal with shower facilities.

Priority Pass – USA Departures Terminal

There is one Priority Pass Lounge in the USA departures terminal

Plaza Premium Lounge – Across from Gate E87

Hours:0500-1900 Sunday-Friday
0550-1800 Saturday
Conditions:children under 2 admitted free, all children must be accompanied by an adult. Smart casual dress
Facilities:Children under 2 are free, all children must be accompanied by an adult. Liquor available after 1100 daily.
Seating options:Limited with dining seating, upholstered lounge chairs
Food:Snacks, small sandwiches, and several hot options
Liquor: Self-service full bar
How to Access:Priority pass membership, or pay at the door $50/2 hours, plus other options

This lounge is quite small and can get crowded at the end of the day.  There are private restrooms in the lounge although I’ve found them to be in need of cleaning when I’ve used them.

This lounge has always been crowded whenever I’ve used it.  The food in this lounge is limited to snack like items of both the savory and sweet varieties.  The bar is self-serve and there is a reasonable variety of liquor, beer and wine.

Priority Pass Vancouver – International Departures Lounges

There are two great Priority Pass lounges in the international departures terminal at YVR.

Plaza Premium Lounge – Level 3, just after Security 

Hours:0830-0100 Daily
Hours may vary depending on flight schedules
Conditions:Children under 2 are admitted free. All children must be accompanied by an adult. Smart casual dress
Facilities:TV, WIFI, air conditioning, Showers, nap room, Newspapers/magazines, telephones, Fax
Seating Options:
Large lounge with many seating options from dining areas, upholstered chairs
Food Offerings:A variety of hot and cold food is available including continental and Asian cuisine as well as snacks and sweets
Liquor:Full service bar
How to access:Priority Pass membership, walk in $50/2 hours

This is a very large and comfortable airport lounge in Vancouver YVR.  Some areas of the lounge are often reserved for access by premium travelers on specific airlines.  When we accessed this lounge in 2019 one large section was reserved, although there was plenty of room for everyone in other parts of the lounge.

We accessed this YVR lounge in February 2019 before our trip to Cancun and found many different food options.  It was not at all crowded when we visited.  This Vancouver Airport priority pass lounge was clean and comfortable.  There are great views from the large windows out onto the tarmac at YVR.  I can imagine easily spending many hours in this comfortable lounge.

The bar had a full range of options available including premium liquors, beer and wine.  The seating was very comfortable and most seats had electrical sockets available to charge our devices.

A great view from the window of a Priority Pass Vancouver lounge

Skyteam Lounge YVR – Level 3, near gate 53.

Hours:24 hours
Conditions:one child under 12 admitted free with adult. Shoes and shirts required for service.
Facilities:Disabled access, TV, air conditioning, showers, newspapers/magazines, telephone, Fax, WIFI
Seating:A wide variety of options available, including stools, dining tables & chairs, upholstered lounge chairs, loungers
Food offerings:a wide variety of hot and cold options, noodle bar, dim sum
Liquor:full service bar
How to access:Priority Pass membership, international premium/elite passengers on AeroMexico, Air France, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Delta, KLM, Korean Air all have access. No pay at the door options.

This is the nicest lounge at YVR in our opinion.  Newly opened in late 2017, at 5600 square feet it offers a bright and airy space with a very large number of seating options.  There are great views of the operations area of the airport from many of the seating areas.  There is no sleeping area.  If you’re asking are there showers at the Vancouver airport?  The answer is yes!  The shower facilities in this YVR Priority Pass Lounge are clean and well kept.

Delta Skyteam YVR lounge - seating options

We accessed this Priority Pass business lounge in February 2019 in the morning and found it very quiet.  The staff were very attentive to our needs and the food offered was tasty.

Delta Skyteam Lounge YVR food options


The Skyteam lounge is an easy 5 minute walk from the Plaza Premium Lounge described above.  It would be easy to try both lounges while you’re waiting for your international flight to board.  That’s exactly what we did on our last flight when we went to Cancun!

Priority Pass Membership – is it for me?

When considering whether you want access to Priority Pass lounges when you travel, you should consider:

  • how much will you be traveling?
  • who will be traveling with you?
  • what value do you place on having a quiet, connected space at the airport?
  • where will you be traveling?

There are more than 1300 Priority Pass lounges worldwide. You’re bound to find a nice lounge to relax in before your flight where ever you travel.  Most lounges offer food enough for a meal, free alcohol and free WIFI.  You’ll also have no trouble finding a power outlet to ensure your devices remain functional.

If you are a frequent traveler (maybe you’re working on your travel bucket list), having access to a quiet and comfortable lounge at the airport will be extra important.  Seeing the value of a comfortable and quiet lounge to enjoy is not difficult.  This is especially true after you’ve spent time pulling your wheeled backpack in one of the noisy, crowded and uncomfortable public lounges!  

Busy airport concourse

Priority Pass Options for Vancouver Lounge Access

Priority Pass offers 3 tiers of membership access:

    1. Standard: Annual priority pass fee of $99, allows for lounge access at a cost of $32 per visit, and guest access at $32 per visit.   A savings from walk-in prices.
    2. Standard Plus:  Annual Priority Pass cost of $299, allows for 10 free visits for members, and guest access at $32.
    3. Prestige:  Annual fee of $429, allows for unlimited access for members and guest visit fee of $3

You are also able to access the Priority Pass Lounge at Vancouver International for a Priority Pass day pass cost of around $50 per visit.   A Vancouver airport lounge pass would be a good choice if you’re an infrequent traveler with a yen for premium lounge access.

Click here to apply for Priority Pass membership today.

Alternative Way to Access Priority Pass Lounges

Vancouver airport lounge – American Express platinum

My secret for access to premium lounges as well as many other lounges worldwide is by having an American Express Platinum Card.  This is why many travelers know the Priority Pass Lounges at YVR as the Vancouver American Express lounge (or the American Express Lounge YVR).  American Express Platinum cardholders are eligible for a wide variety of benefits, including the following lounge access:

  1. Priority Pass Prestige membership:  all cardholders may access a Priority Pass lounge at no charge, and may also bring a guest at no additional charge.  Brilliant!  this is an incredible savings.
  2. Access to the Global Lounge Collection:  complimentary access to a wide variety of additional airport lounges including:
      • The Centurion Lounge.
      • International American Express Lounges.
      • Plaza Premium Lounges.
      • Delta Sky Club.
      • Airspace Lounges.
      • Escape Lounges.
      • Executive Lounges by Swissport.
      • Quebec City’s Jean Lesage International Airport VIP lounge

Access to the Vancouver airport Amex lounge is one of my favourite perks of the American Express Platinum card.

American Express Plaza Premium Lounge Access & More

In addition to the premium lounge access, American Express Platinum cardholders enjoy a variety of other benefits:

      • $200 annual travel credit.
      • sign-up bonus of 50,000 membership reward points 
      • We’ve used American Express membership rewards points to pay for our travel on our recent trip to Cancun!
      • 5 membership reward points on every $1 spent on dining.
      • 3 membership reward points on every $1 spent on travel.
      • 1 membership reward point on every $1 spent on other.
      • special benefits at Toronto Pearson airport.
      • Hotel status upgrades – Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honours, Club Carlson
      • fine hotels and resorts benefits.
      • exclusive dining experiences with the Global Dining Collection.
      • Emergency medical, flight delay/cancellation, lost/delayed luggage insurance.
      • ability to transfer membership rewards points to a variety of airline and hotel loyalty programs including Aeroplan, Avios, Delta, Marriott Bonvoy & Hilton.

The annual membership fee for an American Express Platinum Card is $699.  When calculating the benefits acquired with the card, I find the annual fee is definitely worth it.  The value of the lounge access together with the insurance benefits is more than the cost of the membership fee!

Find out more about the American Express Platinum card here.  

Do you use premium airport lounges when you travel?  Which one is your favourite?

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  2. Thanks for this post. I’ve never used a lounge before but have wanted to but didn’t know how to go about it. I am pinning this for future travel. I’m actually amazed at the price, thought it would be a lot more for all you get.

  3. Thanks for these incredible tips! Lounges were never something I thought about, but after so many years of travel I’m starting to wonder how I can get in haha, super useful info!

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  5. I love using my Priority Pass. It makes travelling internationally that little bit nicer. I liked that some of the lounges in Vancouver let you BYO friend for free with Priority Pass

  6. Yes! This looks great. Thanks for a really thorough review about priority pass. I have actually only recently discovered the delights of airline lounges but I have started to pay for them when I do a long haul trip because it makes me more relaxed before the flight. Not to mention, the price isn’t too bad when I consider I’d probably buy cups of coffee, etc waiting in the regular area. I have been thinking that I would be best off getting an annual pass and this post has been really useful.

    1. I’m so glad that I was able to provide something helpful to you, Melissa! I love using the lounges too – it’s so nice to be able to sit somewhere quiet and peaceful before a flight 🙂

  7. Did not know about this, would have been so useful to know as we used to live in Whistler for 2 years and used YVR quite frequently. It is definitely nice to feel pampered and relaxed before a long flight.

    1. Hi Aimee, you’re so lucky to have lived in Whistler for 2 days – such a great place! There are priority pass lounges in most airports in the world, not just at YVR. You can definitely get pampered almost everywhere you go 🙂

  8. Very cool – I’ve never heard of this pass and saved it for use in the future. Thanks for all the info on the prices and how you can access airlines club rooms. Thanks again!

    1. You’re very welcome, Nancy! It really is a wonderful perk of airline travel – makes me feel pampered before getting on a flight 🙂

  9. Ugh airplane travel can be so exhausting that perks like lounges really make a huge difference! I have an AmEx so I always look for a lounge that accepts them when I’m traveling.

    1. I completely agree! I love using lounges – makes me feel pampered and a tiny bit special, just before I have to queue up and get on that long flight!

  10. I’m not typically a lounge user and since I’m from Seattle I normally drive when I visit Vancouver, but at times you can find great international travel deals flying out of Vancouver as opposed to Seattle. I will have to keep these lounges in mind and save your blog in case I do end up flying in or out of Vancouver for a big trip. Thanks for providing everything I could think to ask and more!

    1. Thanks Krista! There are lots of Priority Pass lounges at SeaTac as well! I think they have them in most major airports around the world – check them out when you fly out of SeaTac next time!

  11. Oooh this is very cool Lesley. I live in Vancouver, so we have flown out from YVR several times, but I never even noticed the lounges(!) We normally arrive early enough to stop in a restaurant for a meal or drinks before our flights.

    I’ll ask my husband if he’d be interested in checking out lounges instead next time. 🙂

    1. I think the lounges are quite hidden away, Josey – they are hard to notice unless you’re looking for them! I really love using them now – they’re such a treat before a flight. And they’re not just at YVR – almost every airport has them!

    1. Thanks Bonita! There are Priority Pass lounges all over the world! It’s such a treat to be able to relax and have a nice meal before getting on a long flight 🙂

  12. Love this post!! I’m not someone who goes for first class or any kind of luxury when it comes to flights but with how affordable this is I might consider it. Thanks for doing all the hard work + research for us haha

    1. Thanks Geena and you’re welcome! I find that it’s really affordable, especially when you get the access via a credit card rather than buying it directly from Priority Pass. If you’re a frequent flyer, it’s a really nice perk!

  13. This site has some really great travel guide content. I didn’t realize airlines offered these priority perks. I have never used priority before but you make it sound well worth it.

    1. Thanks Audrey! I find it’s a really nice option when you’re traveling. It’s hard enough these days to find a nice place to relax in an airport, but knowing about these lounges makes it more reasonable for me. You should try it!

  14. I didn’t realise that having a American Express Platinum Card had so many benefits until now! Such a pity we don’t have credit cards like that in Ireland, they seem so amazing!

    1. There actually are American Express Platinum cards in Ireland too, and they also offer lounge access as part of the perks. You should definitely check them out!

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