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21 Paris Themed Gifts That Travelers Will Love

Did you know that Paris themed gifts might just be the perfect gifts to give a travel lover?

For anyone who loves to travel, traveling to Paris is almost guaranteed to be at or near the top of their travel bucket list.  I know it was mine!  Traveling to Paris for the first time was a dream come true for me.

It only makes sense that opening a gift of French souvenirs will elicit a rather rapturous reaction from a gift receiver!  Whether it’s a Paris souvenir, an Eiffel tower themed gift or famous French handbags, souvenirs of Paris will always be happily received.

I asked some frequent travelers to tell me what their favourite souvenirs from Paris were. Who better to ask than someone who loves Paris?  I’ve also hunted online for some of the best deals and prices on the best French souvenirs and Paris gifts.

You don’t have to travel to Paris to get your Paris-lover the best souvenirs from Paris.   Browse through this list of the best Paris themed gifts and make someone happy today!

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French Souvenirs

Antique Mont Saint Michel Print

Black & White Photo of Mont Saint Michel, a great Paris themed giftsLena – Salut from Paris

My nicest souvenir from France is a small black and white photograph of Mont Saint Michel.

Mont Saint Michel is a monastery on a mountain in the sea that is completely surrounded by water at high tides.  I found the photo at one of the most famous flea markets in Paris, les Puces de Vanves. 

Admittedly, I have a thing for old photographs, so it was not by chance that I approached the stand that was overflowing with photo boxes and old albums.  I grabbed blindly at a little stack and was happy to find the very first picture to be a photograph of Mont Saint Michel.

This wonderful and magical spot in the Channel was the first place I ever visited in France, apart from Paris.  It’s a place that I fell utterly in love with and I keep returning to.  Obviously, I had to buy the photograph!

Eiffel Tower SouvenirA Paris t-shirt, one of the great presents from France

An Eiffel Tower souvenir is a quintessential Paris-themed gift and is available in an amazing variety of forms. An Eiffel Tower souvenir is always welcomed.

For an inexpensive option, choose an Eiffel Tower keychain or Eiffel Tower t-shirt.

I love this Eiffel Tower in Paris travel mug.  Perfect for the Paris loving person in your life!

Parisian Fashion

Theresa from  Fueled By Wanderlust

A shirtwaist dress, a Paris themed gift for her

My favorite souvenir from Paris is a beautiful purple shirtdress and matching sweater that I bought from a French boutique.  Even though I arrived in Paris knowing it was one of the “Big 4” cities in fashion, I don’t normally take time to shop during travel, and hadn’t planed on it then.

However, circumstances “forced” me into a local boutique after I spilled the filling of a takeaway crepe on myself.  I couldn’t go wandering around Paris with crepe on my outfit, now could I?

I entered a nearby boutique in the Marais called La Fée Maraboutée, which had caught my eye after passing it a couple times earlier.  Two women immediately greeted me with a very warm “Bonjour Madame” and helped me find the beautiful purple shirtdress that I had been eyeing up in the window display.  One of them even recommended a trendier way to wear it with a matching purple sweater.

I left that store feeling so chic, and readier than ever to hit the streets of the Marais.  If you are not someone who normally prioritizes shopping on your travels, don’t discount it until you try it when visiting a high fashion city like Paris.

What a gorgeous dress and a great souvenir of Paris!

Check the price and availability of a similar shirtdress on Amazon

Paris Themed Gifts – French Beauty Products – L’OccitaneL'Occitane beauty products, great gifts from France

What could be more French that the beauty of French women?

French women are reknown for their effortless chic beauty.  One of their beauty secrets are using the great beauty products made in France, chiefly L’Occitane products.

With everything from hand cream to shower gel to perfumes, L’Occitane makes things that everyone needs.  L’Occitane products are great things to buy in Paris!

Check the latest prices and availability of L’Occitane products on Amazon.  

Paris Gifts

Original Watercolour of Paris

A watercolour of the Eiffel Tower, an inexpensive gifts from Paris
Katy from Photospired

What do you bring home as a souvenir when you are on the road for six weeks with one backpack? That was my dilemma as I stood at Place du Tertre, surrounded by artists, each with their own unique interpretation of Paris through an artistic lens.

Once home to legendary artists like Picasso, Monet and van Gogh, this tiny square atop the hill of Montmatre remains today a robust hub of creativity, attracting nearly 300 artists to set up their easels here.

As though picking up the energy of inspiration, I felt compelled to get something here. Despite very limited space in my backpack, I figured a small, original art was the perfect souvenir as it was slim and virtually weightless and could be tucked into the laptop compartment of my backpack.

For €20, I purchased a postcard-sized painting of the Eiffel Tower in watercolour from an elegant lady artist. Under her delicate strokes, Paris was given a brand new set of colours, both whimsical and romantic. She carefully wrapped the art in an envelope for me and gladly posed for a photo. Now that the trip is over the painting, along with photos and postcards from the trip, form a beautiful collage on the wall in front of my desk. Whenever wanderlust kicks in, I am glad to have this unique souvenir to remember my time in beautiful Paris.

If you can’t make it to Place du Tertre in Paris to pick up your own watercolour, check out these options on Etsy

A Beautiful Scarf from Paris

A beautiful scarf from Paris, a great Paris themed gift

Shelley from LifeJourney4two

The film and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea”, and I couldn’t agree more. Its ambiance exudes romanticism, culture and couture.

On our latest trip, we spent two days in Paris and what better souvenir for me to buy than a scarf from Paris. Now, being on a budget and road tripping around the world means that souvenir buying is not high on our agenda. As a lover of scarves not only as a cute fashion accessory, but as I get older, I find they are great to cover for an aging neck ;). I couldn’t resist this little memento from Paris. It’s practical, light and only cost €10.

I bought it from one of the many shops touting scarves along the Rue d’Arcole, metres away from the ill-fated Cathedral of Notre Dame. With soft colours, an image of the Eiffel Tower, butterflies and “love” on the scarf it was the perfect choice for me. Every time I wear it, I’m reminded of our gorgeous springtime Paris trip and feel just a little bit Parisienne.

I love the idea of a beautiful French scarf as a must buy in Paris!

Check the price of the beautiful French-themed scarves available on Amazon

Paris Themed Gifts – History of Paris Book

A photo of the book "How Paris Became Paris", Parisian themed gifts

If you’re like me you like to know all about the history of a city when you’re visiting.  Paris has such a long and storied history that it’s hard to take it all in when you’re there.

I’ve picked up this book – How Paris Became Paris – since we got back from our trip to Paris and I’m really enjoying it!  I can’t wait to go back to Paris so I can put more of what I see into the context of history.

Check the price and availability of this book on Amazon.

Paris Travel Guide Book

A photo of the book "Rick Steves Paris 2020", a souvenir of France

What better than Rick Steves’ guide book to learn all the nitty-gritty details you need for a trip to Paris in 2020?

Newly updated for 2020, this great guidebook is my go-to reference for the City of Light.

For more great travel gifts, check out Chris’ recommendations for fun travel gifts that travelers really want. 

Check the price and availability for this Rick Steves Guide to Paris.

Gifts with a Paris Theme

Maria from Europe Up Close

Souvenirs are Great.  They bring back memories of your favorite vacations and make you reminiscent of the fabulous time you had there.  But they clutter your home and to be honest, do you really need more stuff?  I don’t.

So I stopped buying souvenirs and instead, go for experiences that I can remember in a different way when I am back home:  Cooking classes.

You have a fun afternoon in your destination, eat some incredible food, meet locals and other travelers and when you get home you can relive the experience by cooking the same dish.  This is my kind of souvenir.

On my last trip to Paris, my husband and I did a cooking class with a local – an AirBnB experience.  We met our “chef” Aurore at a local market and first went shopping for fresh ingredients.  Then we went to her apartment and started cooking:  cheese board as an appetizer, canard à l’orange (duck with orange sauce – a French classic) with sweet potato mash and lambs lettuce for our main course and lava chocolate cake for dessert.

It was amazing. Not only did we learn a new dish, we got to experience how it is to live in Paris and chitchat with a local for hours. After our cooking session, our host Aurore emailed me the recipes for the dish we made – the perfect Paris souvenir!

I’ve made duck à l’orange a few times since we got back and it always brings us back to our fun afternoon in that tiny Paris apartment.

What a great idea!  I love the idea of giving an experience (like riding an electric scooter) instead of a typical gift.

Check the price of your own French cooking class in Paris here.  

Music Box from Paris

A Parisian Music box - one of the best souvenirs from Paris

Rebecca from Kwafare

How much more emblematic can you get than a tiny wind up music box that plays “la vie en rose” for my first souvenir from Paris?

The very first time I visited Paris many trips ago, my husband and I perused the streets of the Montmartre area. Wide-eyed, I was absolutely enamored with everything I saw around me. Montmartre was to become one of my favorite areas of Paris, so it seems fitting that this picturesque neighbourhood is where I found one of my favourite souvenirs from Paris. Although looking back, I realize that where I bought this cherished souvenir may have been an absolutely typical Paris souvenir shop. However, I sure did not know it then.

All I remember is that I wanted to bring something home that would remind me of this wonderful place and transport me back whenever I looked at it. And a little wind up music box playing one of my favourite French songs immediately captured my heart. It was just so quintessentially Paris! Not to mention, I love how I can wind it slowly or fast to match my nostalgic mood as I reminisce about my first time in the city of light.

This is a great idea for what to bring from Paris and a perfect Eiffel tower themed gift!

Check the price of a beautiful Parisian music box on Amazon.

French Macarons – Parisian Themed Gifts

A Photo of French Macarons, gifts with Paris themeA macaron is a traditional French sweet meringue-based confection.   Originally introduced by the Italian chef to Catherine de Medici, these Parisian treats are baked with a ganache, buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two colourful cookies.   A good macaron is moist and easily melts in the mouth.

Macarons come in a wide variety of flavours with traditional flavours including raspberry and chocolate.  The latest macaron flavours include matcha and many others.

If you missed trying macarons in Paris (they’re one of the best things to buy in Paris), you can source them from Amazon.

Check the price and availability here.

Gifts from France

Paris Photoshoot

Sierra from Free to Travel Mama

A beautiful photo of a couple at the Eiffel tower - Paris related gifts
Olga in Paris with Flytographer

With all the shops in Paris, there are many choices available for choosing a souvenir. However, when thinking outside the box, you may find that the very best souvenir of all is one that beautifully captures your memories in a tangible way. A professional vacation photo shoot is not only a very fun experience, but the photographs taken in your favorite place in the city will be yours to keep and cherish.

Consider a sunrise photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower. Or perhaps an evening session by the Louvre or a photo journalistic approach at a café is more your style. Your vacation photographer can provide you with expert advice regarding the best places and time for your photo shoot based on your preferences.

By hiring a photographer, you can capture the photos of people you love most on a dream vacation in a way that goes beyond blurry selfies and crooked photos taken by strangers. Professional photos from a special trip will give you images that are worthy of printing on canvases and reliving your magical time in Paris each time you see them adorning the walls of your home.

I love this idea too!  We really enjoyed our private tour in Paris with a photographer.  We did our photography tour and photo shoot with Joao at With Locals.  He was the best!  We loved the photos we received and can’t say enough good things about the experience.

I really think photographs are one of the best gifts to bring back from Paris.

Check price and availability of a photo shoot and tour in Paris.  

Paris Inspired Gift – French Soap

French soap - pre de Provence - Paris themed gifts for herThe French are famous the world over for their soap and the intoxicating fragrances that they use in them.

There’s very good quality soap available in grocery stores and drugstores all over Paris, and of course, much fancier soap available in the boutiques and perfumeries.

Provence is traditionally known for it’s finely-crafted French soap using old-world methods.  I love Pré de Provence Specialty Soaps.  It’s made from natural ingredients using traditional methods, inspired by fields of lavender, wild flowers, herb and fresh sea air.  The scents are gorgeous!

Check the price of Pré de Provence specialty soaps on Amazon.  

Vintage Globe

An antique globe, one of the unique things to buy in Paris

Elisa from World in Paris

My favorite souvenir from Paris is a small vintage globe that I found in a shop located in one of the covered passages of Paris.

Paris is the city of fashion, perfumes and good wines. However I have always associated Paris with vintage, perhaps because of the city’s flea markets, the bouquinistes selling second-hand books along the Seine or the bohemian atmosphere of Montmartre. So when I wanted to buy a souvenir during my last trip to Paris, I knew I wanted something vintage.

A great place to find unique vintage shops in the French capital is the covered passages of Paris. Built during the 19th century, during the Belle Epoque, these commercial galleries sheltered from the rain were also a place to see and to be seen. After a period of decadence, most of these walkways are restored to their former glory and they host many vintage boutiques that are true Ali Baba caverns. During my last stroll in the covered passages I fell in love with a beautiful vintage globe, and I decided that it was the perfect souvenir from Paris for the travel- passionate like me.

Check the price on a similar vintage-style globe on Amazon

Inexpensive Gifts from Paris

Souvenirs of France – Magnet Souvenir from ParisFridge magnets of Paris, one of the gifts to buy in Paris

Budgeteer from Stack Your Dollars

As an art major, I learned a lot about the Arc de Triomphe and finally got to see it in real life. When I found out you could go to the top of it, I had to do it. But the line to go was so long and slow, that my husband and I decided to wait until another time.

After walking around all day, we ended up having dinner by the Arc. We decided to stop by and saw there was barely a line anymore. I bought two tickets and we eagerly made our way to the entrance. To my shock, the elevator was restricted use and we had to climb the stairs to the top of this 164ft monument.

That is why the magnet I bought in it’s gift shop is my favorite souvenir from Paris; It signifies my personal triumph that day. Not only was I sluggish from eating and already had sore feet, I was also out of shape. It took me a while but I made it to the top. And the view was spectacular!

Magnets must be one of the great cheap souvenirs in Paris!  

Check the price of Paris souvenir magnets on Amazon.

Exotic Spices

Ras el Hanout Spice blend - things you can only buy in Paris

Chris at Explore Now or Never

Whenever I travel, I’m always on the look out for a memorable souvenir that’s not too heavy to haul home in my suitcase. On my most recent trip to France, it was spices! What I love most about them is that every time I use them I’m transported back to two very special meals, which is the very best kind of souvenir.

The first spice I brought home is called Ras El Hanout and hails from North Africa…Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria specifically. We tasted it as a delicious addition to a lovely ratatouille that was served to us in a local’s home. I was immediately smitten.

The name of the spice translates as “head of the shop” in Arabic, alluding to the very best spices on offer. It’s a mixture of typically more than a dozen spies ranging from cinnamon and nutmeg to ginger and chili!

The other spice I brought home from Paris is Piment d’Espelette. This is a spicy sort of paprika that comes from the Basque region of France in the southwest. We had a lovely meal at a traditional restaurant in Paris where dishes are served homestyle, with strangers passing dishes to each other around a long table.

The Piment d’ Espelette was on offer as a condiment and sprinkled liberally—just as you might use salt and pepper—on everything from savory stews to soft boiled eggs.

Check the price on Amazon for Ras El Hanout and Piment d’Espelette. 

Paris Related Gifts – Heart Shaped Salt & Pepper Shakers

Heart shaped salt & Pepper shakers - one of the top 10 things to buy in Paris

Tayler from Traveling Tayler

One of my favorite souvenirs I’ve ever purchased was a set of salt and pepper shakers that fit together to make a heart. I purchased them on my first trip to Paris over 10 years ago and still use them in my kitchen today! I don’t think I can say that about any other souvenir I’ve ever purchased. The simplicity of the design and practicality of their use is what made me decide to purchase them and they are still one of my favorites.

I found them meandering through one of the souvenir shops in Montmartre, near the painter’s square. We were not looking for anything in particular but once I stumbled upon the salt & pepper shakers I never put them down.

I fell in love with Paris the moment I stepped off the train and Montmartre has always been my favorite area so it’s only fitting I found a heart shaped souvenir there. And every time I cook and use a pinch of salt or pepper, I’m reminded of the absolutely magical city that has stolen my heart.

What a great idea for cheap souvenirs from Paris!

Check the price of Paris-themed Salt & Peppers shakers on Amazon.

Paris Gifts for Her

Jewelry Souvenir from Paris

Candace, from Where I’ve Been Travel

A beautiful Ring - one of the best things to buy in Paris

Jewelry is one of my favorite things to buy during my travels.

Usually, I just buy an nexpensive piece from a street vendor or an art fair. But while strolling the streets of the St. Germain neighborhood in Paris I stumbled upon a vintage jewelry store. I love vintage jewelry and I couldn’t resist going in. Two rings caught my eye, a beautiful ring with a lapis blue stone and a gold fleur-de-lis and an art deco ring of gold with diamonds clustered in a shape reminiscent of a flower.

After trying both rings on, I decided to splurge and treat myself to the diamond ring. I love how feminine the ring is, but more than that I love that every time I look at it I’m reminded of my family’s amazing trip to Paris.

Paris is such a special city that a visit there deserved to be commemorated in a special way. My daughter is hoping that one day the Paris ring will be on her finger as her engagement ring. I can’t think of a better way for the romance of the ring to live on.

What a great Paris item to buy!

Paris themed jewelry would make great French gifts for her.  Check out some great examples on Etsy here.  

Paris Themed Gifts – French PerfumeFragonard Perfume - Paris gift ideas

Johanna Castro at Lifestyle Fifty 

I bought a beautiful bottle of Fragonard Perfume from Boutique Fragonard on Rue Boudreau near the Musee Parfum and the Opéra Garnier last summer.

I love the smell of Fragonard as it’s my sister’s favourite perfume and it reminds me of her. It’s an elegant scent which unites hyacinth, lily, honeysuckle and jasmine with bergamot, mandarin, wood, amber and musk, among others.

We stumbled across Boutique Fragonard when we were wandering around Paris in search of a place for lunch before embarking on a European Waterways Barge Cruise setting off up the River Seine towards the Champagne Region.

We had wandered around the beautiful Place de l’Opera, built for the Paris Opera at the behest of Emperor Napoleon III, and found the Fragonard boutique quite by chance. I wanted something to remind me of Paris, and thought a scent would bring the memories flooding back each time I wore it.

The beautiful aromas, the gorgeous packaging and the other gift items in the Fragonard store had us sniffing and touching and enjoying an exquisite perfumery experience before buying our fragrant souvenir.

Check the price of this beautiful French perfume on Amazon.

French Handbag

A pale pink Lipault handbag - Paris inspired giftsThe Lipault brand is an urban Paris brand that is relatively new since 2005.   Purveyor of bags, clothing, luggage and more, I am especially fond of their handbags.

Very chic and quite a good price too!

Check the price and availability of a Lipault bag on Amazon here.  

Paris Gifts Online

A Gargoyle inspired by Notre Dame Cathedral

A gargoyle from Notre Dame Cathedral - Gifts from France online

Wendy, from The Nomadic Vegan

My favorite souvenir from Paris is a miniature gargoyle, which I use as a bookend on one of my bookshelves. I bought it because it reminded me of the gargoyles that I had seen on the top of Notre Dame when I climbed up the towers there. This was several years ago, before the terrible fire that later ravaged the church.

Now that the Notre Dame I once knew no longer exists, I cherish my little gargoyle even more. He reminds me of the time I spent exploring the city on my days off when I worked at Disneyland Paris many years ago. He also serves as a reminder that life is short, that nothing lasts forever, and that it’s important to make the most of every moment we have on this beautiful Earth. In short, my Parisian gargoyle, despite his gloomy expression, inspires me to travel and live life to the fullest.

Amazon has a great book all about the Gargoyles of Notre Dame.

I‘d love to get Souvenirs from Paris online like this Gargoyle!

Check the price of your own replica Gargoyle here.  

Classic French T-shirt – Marinière

A marinière t-shirt - best souvenirs from Paris

Also known as a Breton Shirt, this cotton long-armed t-shirt of horizonal white and blue stripes is a symbol of France.  Originally worn by quartermasters and seamen in the French Navy, the marinière was appropriated by fashion icon Coco Chanel, who included variations on the marinière in her collections.

A marinière is now a symbol of modern France having been worn by Marcel Marceau, Pablo Picasso, Brigitte Bardot and Sting.  The marinière is available at Paris souvenir shops online.

The marinière is one of the great gifts from France (online).

Check the price and availability of a marinière t-shirt on Amazon.

Hand-crafted Paris Themed Gifts

There are an amazing variety of Paris-themed gifts on Etsy, the hand-crafters online marketplace, making it easy to shop via a souvenir Paris online shop.  I particularly like the Paris-themed jewelry like this, the Paris-themed wall art and the Eiffel Tower socks.

What are your favourite Paris themed gift ideas for the Paris lover on your list?

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  1. Great ideas, and I love that you focussed your list on Paris lovers. There is something about Macarons that really calls to me (even though I can’t eat them now that I am gluten-free).

  2. Great gift ideas! I love L’occtaine en Provence. The scents are always beautiful! A French cooking class would also be the most amazing experience!

    1. Thanks Lauren 🙂 There’s just something about a beautiful scent that always gets me too. I think a french cooking class would really make you feel connected both to Paris and to the French culture, so it’s a real win-win!

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    1. Thanks Ruth. I’m sorry to hear that the class wasn’t available on your dates. I think the best things like that often book up in advance. I hope you’re able to find another one that works for you!

  5. Oh all these gifts are beautiful! I used to collect Paris themed things, before I decided to just pack my bag and travel the world instead haha! Now, my mum is the one who collects them, there’s so much out there!

  6. Great post with lots of useful suggestions! Thanks especially for the book recommendation. I love books on the history of cities and how they came to be, especially one like Paris.

  7. Great selection! The mariniere T-shirt is my favourite and a staple in my wardrobe 🙂 The soap and the cooking class are also perfect gifts as they don’t clutter the living space and are practical. I would also enjoy getting or gifting a Paris wall calendar.

  8. Some fun and practical ideas here – who wouldn’t love something from France? I’m heade back to France for a Wedding in June. shopping on the list!

  9. I want everything and more that you have put on your list. I volunteer in an op shop and the other day I saw a coat/rain coat. It was made in Paris, no china stuff for this little Paris lover. $10 australian…bargain. I love anything that is to do with Paris/France. I have 2 coffee mugs that are Paris themed. The list goes on.

  10. What a great list. The cookery class would definitely be for me. The secrets behind really good French baguettes would suit me down to the ground.

  11. Of course as a francophile in love with Paris – I want these ALL – great list to choose from! Also great for friends and family members of other peeps who love Paris too!

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