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Best Wheeled Backpacks in 2020 (Lightweight & Rolling)

Learn how to choose the perfect wheeled backpack for you!

Choosing the best wheeled backpack can be a difficult decision – so many choices, so many options, and price points from relatively inexpensive to are-you-sure-its-worth-that-kind-of-money!

Deciding to travel with the best travel backpack with wheels for adults has been a complete game-changer for me.  As a devoted fan of using carry-on only when I fly (Rick Steves’ great advice), I was used to using the best rolling bag and carrying it up and down stairs and on bumpy streets or dirt pathways.

However, given that this was my only best rolling carry on for weeks of travel it was usually as heavy as I could get away with.  Cue the back strain when I had to carry it for long and the shoulder strain when I tried to heave it into an overhead bin!  Being able to both wheel AND comfortably wear my luggage has made a huge difference in my travel comfort.

I’m a frequent traveler, and love long trips away as well as short weekend or mid-week getaways.  I use my best travel bag with wheels and backpack straps for travel A LOT so it sees a lot of action in all kinds of situations.  Train travel, air travel, road trips, you name it I’ve done and so has my wheeled backpack 2020 carry on.  I loved using my best small rolling backpack for adults on my recent trip to Cancun.  

Another great reason to use a frame wheeled backpack is frankly, to save your back!  Pulling your backpack behind you is MUCH easier than carrying it.   Research has shown that carrying a heavy bag on your back too much is a health risk, especially for kids!  It’s a much better idea to use a kids wheeled backpack.

The best backpacks with wheels are also great for students!  When you’re carrying a laptop all day, it makes sense to use the best lightweight rolling backpack for school to make your day a little easier.

Finding the best best wheeled backpack has been a personal quest.  I wanted to make sure I bought the best wheeled travel backpack that had great reviews, would fit my needs, looked great, was flexible enough for a variety of travel situations and above all, would wear well.

The best backpack reviews told me all I needed to know about the best backpack on wheels.

Below is the result of my extensive research into absolutely the best rolling travel backpacks with wheels you can buy.

TL:DR:  Click here to see the best wheeled backpack for travel now.

See below for detailed wheeled backpack reviews of each of the best travel backpacks with wheels,  Whether you’re looking for the best kids backpack with wheels to use as a carry-on, if you want to check it or whether it’s just for a long weekend getaway, you’ll find exactly what you need in this guide.

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How To Choose the Best Wheeled Backpack

Table of Contents

Quick Answer Table - Best Wheeled Backpacks - 2020

NameSize/CapacityImportant FeaturesWeightRating
Hynes Eagle 21"/42Lairline approved carry-on, fits 17" laptop, hide-away backpack straps5 lb4.5/6CHECK
Osprey Sojourn
checked luggage, ventilated backpack suspension, adjustable
Osprey Meridian
carry-on sized, mesh backpanel, ventilated hip and shoulder straps, adjustable
High Sierra Adventure
removable front daypack, padded backpack straps, 6.5 lb

Victorinox Vx Sport Wheeled Backpack21"/30LSwiss Army Knife quality, streamlined design, organization system5.9lb3.5/5CHECK
High Sierra A7 Wheeled Duffel32"3 bags in one, padded straps, huge capacity10lb4/5CHECK
High Sierra AT3
22"3 bags in one, water resistant, hidden backpack straps, multi-compartment design
Eagle Creek National Geographic 22"Carry-on sized, moisture wicking straps, durable5.3 lbs3.5/5CHECK
Racini Freewheel
easy conversion from roller to backpack, laptop compartment, multiple pockets
Neewer 2-in-1 Camera Backpack
specifically for camera gear when traveling, rollerblade quality wheels9.43lbs

High Sierra Freewheel Laptop backpack for Students20.5/34:Two in-line wheels telescoping handle, padded computer sleeve3.5lb4/5CHECK

Choosing the best backpack for travel carry-on or school backpack with wheels begins with a focus on the features typical in the best backpacks with 4 wheels for travel.

Ease of Use

The best wheeled luggage is simply easier to use than most other types of carry-on luggage.   When you need to get somewhere quickly you can simply strap it onto your back and be on your way.  You no longer have to worry about staircases in train stations, bumpy streets, muddy areas or having enough room for wheeling your luggage behind you.

Your best rolling suitcase becomes part of your person and you can carry on with your business easily and quickly.  The best backpacks for travel abroad are great for roadtrips too, especially if you’re stopping in multiple places to sight-see and need to frequently access the contents of your bag.

Alternatively, if you’re in a location with smooth surfaces and more space, you can wheel your 4 wheels backpack behind you.  It’s ideal if you’re walking a long distance from one terminal to another in a large airport or walking through city streets from the train to your hotel.

The best small backpack with wheels for travel is the perfect luggage for a Vancouver to Banff drive or a tour from Vancouver to Banff.

Functional Design

Most of the best wheeled carry-on backpacks are designed to be easy on your body.  They’re constructed in such a way as to make them well-balanced when carrying them for longer distances.  Some come with both shoulder straps and a strap to go around your waist so the weight is comfortably balanced on your back.  Imagine the comfort of having both hands free when you’re dealing with foreign border agents, airline personnel and train conductors! You really need the a great wheeled backpack with waist strap.

Best Wheelie Backpacks – Ease of Access

The best wheeling backpacks for travel are designed so that you can easily access your most important things easily.  Most have easy-access pockets and pouches on the front of the backpack that are useful when storing things like money, passports and other travel documents.  Some have water bottle holders and other useful places to attach travel accessories like purses, umbrellas, maps and mobile phones.

Unlike traditional backpacks, the best carry on wheeled backpacks for adults open widely on the sides, just like a traditional suitcase.  This way you can access your things more easily, and pack and arrange your clothing in a much more functional way.  You don’t have to dig to the bottom to find something important!

Stylish & Attractive Best Wheeled Backpacks

Let’s be honest:  you don’t want to be thought of as a backpacker, once you’re past a certain age 😉  You want a more stylish aesthetic.  You don’t stay at hostels any more and you know that walking into your modest but nice hotel with a regular backpack on your back just won’t do.

The best roller bag for travel looks professional, attractive and stylish.  When you use a best wheeled carry on, you won’t be viewed as anything other than the seasoned traveler that you are.  The best wheeled small rolling backpacks for travel are common on the streets of Vancouver, both among business people and visitors.

Why Not a Traditional Backpack?

Traditional backpacks can be impractical.  They are usually quite large and can be very heavy to carry all the time.  If you want to walk for longer distances, carrying a traditional backpack can be very hard on your back.  The best backpack suitcase is multi-functional and this is one of the best things about them.

Traditional backpacks only open from the top, and all of your things are stacked inside.  That thing you desperately need will ALWAYS be at the very bottom!

The straps on a traditional backpack get caught on things, and they can get quite unwieldy.  They definitely don’t fit into overhead bins of airplanes so you’ll likely end up paying more to check your backpack.

If you carry a traditional backpack, you might be stigmatized as a “backpacker”.  This is fine if you’re in your late teens or early 20s, but if you’re beyond 25 or so, this stigma may be one you’d prefer to leave in the past.  You likely need the best backpack for plane travel now as well as the best bag for traveling Europe.

How to Choose the Best Roller Backpack for Travel (Lightweight)

Best Wheeled Suitcases – Construction – fabric, frame & wheels

It goes without saying that you want the best materials in your small wheeled back pack.  The best travel roller bag needs to stand up to rough use and it has to be durable.  It has to withstand jolts and tumbles and potentially spills!  Quality really matters in a great travel back pack with wheels.

Choose the best backpack roller bags made from a sturdy and tightly woven fabric such as cordura or nylon.  It’s most important that the edges and backs of the backpack are made of sturdy fabric, as these are the areas that tend to withstand the most wear.

Check the frame structure to ensure that it is rugged.  Wheeled travel backpacks with aluminum and steel frames are preferred to plastic.  You want to ensure that your small backpack on wheels stands up over time and doesn’t cave in on itself!

Check the wheels of the best large rolling backpacks for adults to ensure they are sturdy.  The best carry on luggage backpack will use wheels made of polyurethane rubber, rather than a cheaper plastic wheel.  I’ve had backpack wheels that wore off more on one side over time because they were made of plastic rather than rubber.  Wheels that become un-rounded in this manner are REALLY hard to pull around!  Make sure you check the wheels carefully.

Does it Fit?

Is the travel backpack on wheels the right size for you?  Backpacks with wheels (travel)  come in a variety of sizes:

graphic image of weight recommendation for best wheeled backpacks


These rules are not hard and fast, but should serve as a general guideline.  Always check the rules for carry-on sizing with the airline you’re flying.  I find that most airlines allow up to 23″ bags as carry on.  But, the budget airlines in Europe tend to require bags of 22″ or smaller and can be quite strict about enforcing their rules.  Check if you’re not sure.

I always use a carry-on no matter how many days I’m away (secret tip: bring a bit of laundry soap or find a local laundromat).  I even use a carry-on bag when I’m flying business class, despite that I can check my bag for free.

Best size wheeled backpack for a weekend trip? 35-50L works best to fit most needs. Click to Share

Will it Be Comfortable for You?

The best wheeled travel bag has comfortable padded straps that are adjustable to a wide range of body types.  Look for strap material that is breathable.  Some of the best small roller backpacks for travel also have a mesh area underneath the padded straps that make them more comfortable to carry in hot weather.

Make sure you check the weight of the large backpack on wheels.   There’s always going to be some compromise between durability and weight as heavier and more durable fabrics weigh more. Determine what the best balance is for you.

Best Wheeled Suitcase for Men & Women

Women and men may have different needs when it comes to the best wheeled travel bags.

Women generally pack differently than men and may carry different personal care products that require more compartments within their luggage.  We may also prefer a lighter roller backpack whereas men may want more rugged looking roller backpacks.

How to Choose the Best Business Backpack with Wheels

The primary consideration for using a best rolling laptop backpack with wheels will be the ability of the small wheeled backpack for adults to store your business equipment, primary among which will most likely be a laptop computer and all of the accompanying accessories.

Most of the best roller luggage have dedicated compartments for laptops; some are padded as well.  There are also dedicated compartments for tablets in the best rolling backpack for business travel.

If you’re a frequent business traveler, you’ll want to choose the best teal rolling backpack carry on that will withstand the rigors of frequent business travel.  As a business traveler myself, I know the wear and tear that frequently-used luggage withstands.  In the past, I’ve made the mistake of choosing inexpensive wheeled luggage and sadly, it did not withstand the test of time, lasting only a few trips before it had to be replaced.

Most frequent business travelers prefer not to check their best wheeled laptop bag.  It saves so much time when you arrive to not have to wait for the laptop wheeled bag to come off the carousel!  If you haven’t checked your best wheeled carry on luggage, you can walk proceed straight to the rental car desks or taxi stand and be on your way before the other passengers have even gotten their best laptop backpack with wheels off the carousel.

Another factor to consider is the image you want to portray as a business traveler.  Using a obviously worn or stained piece of luggage certainly can negatively affect your reputation.  Most business travelers want to be perceived as successful, and part of that image also is using the best carry on wheeled luggage that fits that successful image.  You don’t want to turn up in one of the great lounges at some airports with a tatty piece of luggage ;-).  You need the best travel back packs with wheels.

If you prefer to use a more traditional travel backpack on your business travel, check out Micki & Charles’ comprehensive rundown on all the best business travel backpacks.

Detailed Reviews of Lightweight Backpacks with Wheels

Hynes Eagle 21″/42L

Key Features

This lightweight backpack with wheels is airline approved for carrying-on at 42L and measuring 21.3 x 13.8 x 9 inches.  This laptop wheeled backpack can fit in the allowed maximum size of IATA flights in the overhead compartment as well as in under seat storage.

This smallest wheeled backpack has a roomy main compartment able to store packing cubes and toiletry case.  The front zipper compartment has handy multiple pockets to store travel essentials like passports and power banks.  There’s also a detachable padded laptop sleeve, fitting a laptop of up to 17 inches.

As bonus, this laptop backpack on wheels also has a back wheel covers to help avoid getting yourself dirty when you use this bag as a backpack.


You can lock this best carry on backpack with wheels with a TSA approved lock as well to keep all your belongings secure, especially when it’s on your back.  The backstraps can be hidden away when not in use.


This best backpack with wheels for travel is made of water-repellant 900 dernier fabric.

Detailed Photos

photo collage of wheeled backpacks


This is a great wheeled backpack that is particularly good for a work trip or long weekends away.  This is also a great backpack with 4 wheels for folks who like to travel light.  Amazon reviews of this business backpack with wheels are excellent with reviewers reporting the bag as sturdy, light and excellent for international travel.  Reviewers especially appreciate that this wheeled backpack laptop is carry-on size compliant for even budget airlines, who are notoriously rigid on their carry-on size limits.

I think this is the best wheeled laptop backpack on the market today.  For a wheeled backpack carry on, you can’t do much better than this!

Check for the current price, more information and reviews

Osprey Sojourn Suitcase Backpack 80L/28″

Key Features

Definitely not a carry-on!  This checked bag sized best wheeled holdall is the biggest of the best.

This best backpack travel bag features Osprey’s excellent design features with a removable suspension system that allows for increased bag capacity.  The extra large backpack with wheels featured ventilated suspension system comes complete with shoulder and hip belts for real carrying comfort.

A large zippered opening allows for easy access to the main compartment of the Osprey rolling backpack.  There’s a large zippered pocked at the top of the bag for liquids and personal care items.  I love it when bags provide easy access like this!

A great feature of this best business backpack to travel with is the external daisy chains that you can strap extra gear to.  Very handy when you want to keep your hands free.  The dual-tube extending handle makes this bag easy to handle on wheels.

Compression straps inside the main compartment of this Osprey backpack with wheels keep your things tidy. The external compression straps come in handy when you need to squeeze this wheeled backpack down a size or two, or when it isn’t fully loaded.

All Osprey bags come with their “All Mighty Guarantee“, which stipulates that Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason for free, whenever the bag was purchased.  If the bag cannot be repaired, it will be replaced free of charge.


This best wheeled rucksack comes with lockable zippers so you can keep your belongings secure.  Especially important when you’re carrying your backpack on your back!


Made with 420D Nylon in the main compartment and 1680D ballistic nylon on the accents and bottom, this best wheeled bag with shoulder strap will last you for years.  The chassis is extra wide, and comes with extra large 4.25″ wheels.  The handle is made with an injection molded base and with a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame.  Really strong stuff!

Detailed Photos

photo collage of luxury backpacks and suitcase backpack


Recommendation for Best Rolling Backpack for Travel for Adults

This is an excellent bag for those longer trips, particularly winter trips where you need to bring a lot of bulkier clothing.  This wheeled backpack is also great if you’re taking a lot of train journeys where you don’t have to worry about paying for a checked bag.  I love this bag as a great substitute for a traditional backpack.  It’s much more stylish and has more great features.  The Osprey guarantee really sets this wheeled backpack apart from the rest.

This bag is particularly great for men who don’t mind the extra weight this best trolley backpack has, particularly when its fully loaded.  If you’re a strong woman, this suitcase backpack will work equally well for you!

>>Check for the current price, more information and reviews.

Osprey Meridian Wheeled Carry-On, 60L/22″

Key Features

This lightweight best backpack for international travel features a high-rolling clearance chassis, and is sized to fit in some overhead bins (check with your airline to ensure this bag will fit in the overhead bins on the plane).

This Osprey carry on has a technical backpack suspension system that is highly adjustable to fit a wide range of torso sizes and lengths, but it can also be removed entirely to make more room in the bag.

The main compartment of this best luggage backpack has four zippered side pockets which are very handy for keeping all your things organized.  Outside the Osprey wheeled carry on, there’s a zippered top pocket for easy access to smaller items as well a rear pocket perfect for a magazine or tablet.

There are dual compression straps inside the bag to keep your clothing and other items neat as well as dual external compression straps to add stability to the bag.  There’s plenty of room in this bag for a great collection of Canadian souvenirs!

A great added feature of this best backpack suitcase is the day-pack that is clipped to the front of the bag that comes complete with a laptop sleeve.  Simply un-clip it and head off on your day of adventure!

All Osprey luggage come with their “All Mighty Guarantee“, which stipulates that Osprey will repair any damage or defect for any reason for free, whenever the bag was purchased.  If the bag cannot be repaired, it will be replaced free of charge.


The sternum straps have a whistle attached for added peace of mind.


This best carry on back pack is made with an aluminum frame, 1680D ballistic nylon for the shells and polyurethane wheels.  Excellent quality materials throughout

Detailed Photos

photo collage of best laptop wheeled bag & best-wheeled backpack

Recommendation for Best Roller Backpack

The Osprey Meridian is a great choice if you prefer a larger carry-on bag and don’t mind a bit of extra weight that the extra size brings.  The feature that I really love about this bag is the detachable day-back.  You won’t have to buy a separate day-pack if you choose this large backpack with wheels!   If you carry a lap-top this can come in super handy, too.

This best wheeled carry on bag is especially good for men who like a larger carry-on and women who need that little bit of extra space.  This best wheeled carry on backpack is also a great choice if you’re going on a winter holiday or travel more frequently when it’s cold.  Winter clothes are more bulky than the lightweight summer clothes we typically need on vacation.

I will be adding this bag to my best suitcase backpack collection soon!

>>Check for the current price, more information and reviews on the best wheeled backpack.

High Sierra Adventure Best-Wheeled Backpack – 22″/51L

Key features

If you’re looking for a real multi-purpose best small wheeled carry on, this High Sierra Wheeled backpack is a great find.

This High Sierra AT3 22″ wheeled backpack is essentially 3 bags in 1.  It’s a High Sierra roller backpack (of course!), a backpack (also of course!), but also has a zip-off daypack!  This is great versatility in a very affordable best roll top backpack.

The hidden padded backpack straps are stored behind the zippered back panel, and the removable front daypack comes off easily and has a zippered accessory pocket.

The main compartment of the best business travel backpack for traveling on a plane has a book-style wide opening and interior clothing compression straps.


Multiple carry options offer maximum versatility and safety all day, with excellent features for a wheeled backpack with daypack.


Constructed with exclusive 1000 Dernier Duraweave and mini-weave fabrics for a great combination of superior durability and visual interest.  The Inline skate wheels are polyurethane with ball bearings to minimize frictional resistance.  The retractable handle provides easy moneuverability.

Photo Details

photo collage of some great wheeled rucksacks

Recommendation for Best Backpack with 4 Wheels for Europe Travel

This best convertible backpack is a great choice for a more budget-conscious traveler who would enjoy and need the zip-off backpack feature.  Great choice for both men and women; excellent quality all round!

I love this bag and all the great features it offers.  I think it’s fabulous wheeled backpack with a removable daypack.

>>Check for the current price, more information and reviews.

Victorinox Vx Sport Suitcase Backpack – 21″/30L

Key features

With the smallest capacity at 30L of all the best wheeled back packs that we’re featuring, this one is definitely a great pick for a long weekend away or a short trip abroad.

Great quality backed up by the Swiss Army Knife history, this best wheeled laptop bag with wheels packs a lot of features into a small size.  With great streamlined design, this best wheeled cabin luggage features a multi-purpose organization system that safely stores all of your technological gadgets, cords, chargers and more.  The padded back compartment holds a laptop up to 16″,  and there’s an additional 10″ padded device pocket with an anti-scratch lining that is perfect for your tablet.

The front organizational panel of this Victorinox wheeled backpack has a full peripherals pocket, a mesh ID pocket, pen loop, and a key fob.  I don’t know about you but I really love it when the best bag for international travel delivers this much functionality so that I know where to find everything I need.

The organization continues on the exterior with an easy-access front zippered pocket and multi-purpose mesh side panels, perfect for a water bottle or umbrella.  You can tuck away the backpack straps if you’re not using them.


Easy access key fob or whistle keeper.


The haul handle is padded for comfortable usage.  Polyester/nylon  outer shell and smooth-rolling inline skate wheels.

Photo Details

photo collage of wheeled backpacks

Recommendation for Best Minimalist Backpack

This is great lightweight wheeled backpack luggage for women and men who need a compact bag for a long weekend away or a short work trip.  I’m looking closely at this bag to add to my collection!  This may just be the best backpack ever 🙂

>>Check for current price, more information and wheeled backpacks reviews.

High Sierra A7 Wheeled Duffel – 32″

Key Features

This large travel bag with wheels and backpack straps  is a mighty contender for the best all-round 4 wheeled backpack.   It’s 3 bags in one, as it’s a wheeled upright bag, a backpack and a duffel bag.  This wheely backpack has a built-in, high-density foam structure to help make sure the High Sierra backpack on wheels doesn’t lose its shape while minimizing additional weight.

The backpack straps are padded so they’re comfortable on your back, and they stow away easily in a zippered back panel when not in  use.  The main compartment of this best trolley backpack has a book-style opening with interior compression straps – super handy when your 4 wheel backpack is bulging!

There’s a drop-bottom compartment with its own hold-down straps for your shoes or other bulky gear – I love this feature of this rolling wheeled backpack.


The High Sierra roller bag has reflective piping for better visibility in low light conditions.  The custom uni-body wheel housing provides superior stability and durability so your bag won’t fail you when you least expect it.


The recessed handle is telescoping and comes with a locking mechanism so it doesn’t drop out unexpectedly.  The fabric is a durable nylon.

Photo Details

Photo collage of High Sierra AT7 wheeled duffel backpack, wheeled backpack


This is the perfect knapsack with wheels for those of us who are looking for a more spacious bag, either for longer trips or if you prefer to bring more with you when you travel.

This generous-sized extra large rolling backpack will easily fit more than enough if you’re away for long periods of time, and is multi-functional as it has both the telescoping handle and wheels and the backpack straps.  No more struggling with your large wheeled bag going up the steps!  Just sling this best wheel backpack onto your bag and carry on.

Check the current price, more information and reviews.

High Sierra AT3 Best-Wheeled Backpack Review – 22″

Key features

This is another great  High Sierra backpack with wheels!  Similar to but a little different from the High Sierra Adventure.  It’s got the same zip-off daypack, which I love.  This daypack is a bit bigger than the other High Sierra day back, and it also has an internal organizer with a smart phone pocket, pen holders and a key fob.  The High Sierra AT3 22″ wheeled backpack also has a headphones port – so handy!

The large main compartment of the High Sierra AT3 carry-on wheeled backpack has a book-style opening with interior compression straps to keep your clothing well organized and tidy.

The padded and contoured non-slip shoulder straps are comfortable and easy to wear.  The high sierra At33 22″ carry-on wheeled backpack, travel backpack with wheels was ergonomically designed to sit efficiently on your shoulders.


Ballistic strength nylon is long-wearing and very difficult to cut through.


Made of 900D Duralite fabric with a water-resistant Tech-weave, which has the weight and depth of ballistic fabric.  It’s lightweight and durable.

The retractable handle locks in place when fully extended, or it can be neatly stored.  The wheels are inset skate wheels.

Photo Details

photo collage of some great wheelie backpacks, suitcase backpack

Recommendation for a Lightweight Backpack with Wheels  

This is a great wheeled backpack for travelers who like the zip-off day pack option and like to use a larger daypack.  This best backpack with wheels is a great option for getting away for up to a week at a time.

>>Check for current price, more information and reviews.

Eagle Creek National Geographic – 22″

Key Features

This Eagle Creek rolling  backpack is a great choice for a quick turnaround or longer trip if you want to use a carry on bag.

With moisture-wicking straps so your wheeled backpack carry on doesn’t cause embarrassing moisture marks on your shirt, easy accessibility and durability, this 22″ rolling backpack has many great features to make it a an excellent wheeled backpack choice.    The 3-1-1 top pocket allows for quick access to your things, so getting through security is quick.

Paired with the prestigious name of National Geographic, committed to travelers and the world, each carry on bag with wheels and shoulder strap comes with a ten-year warranty, and also helps support the research of National Geographic scientists, explorers and educators around the world.


This great bagpack with wheels comes with lockable zippers and compression straps to ensure that your belongings are protected but still easy to access.  You won’t have to struggle to undo straps to get to everything with this wheeled rucksack.


Manufactured with poly-recycled PVB, water resistant, this backpack wheeled carry on is PBC-free and durable.

Photo Details

Eagle Creek National Geographic Photo collage of best wheeled backpacks


This is the perfect lightest wheeled backpack for adventurers looking for a good quality multi-purpose carry on rolling suitcase backpack.   Perfect for the eco-conscious traveler, this lightest backpack with wheels offers excellent versatility in a wheeled backpack.  Perfect for kids and would make an excellent bag with wheels for school.

Amazon reviews for this rolling luggage with backpack straps report that the bag is waterproof  and the perfect size for train travel.

Check the current price, more information and reviews.

Racini Freewheel Waterproof – 22″ Wheeled Backpacks 

Key features

This great waterproof wheeled backpack is the only one I’ve seen that comes with two spare wheels!  Nice to have just in case something happens to your wheels at a critical moment!  It’s great to know that a backpack with detachable wheels exists!

This back pack on wheels is designed with the business traveler in mind.  This waterproof backpack with wheels has a large separate and shockproof compartment for a 16″ laptop computer.  It also has multiple pockets to stow all of your necessary peripherals as well as two side pockets that are perfect for those quick grab items such as pens, wallet, smart phone, water bottle, etc.

The shoulder straps are padded and can be tucked away when the bag is being wheeled.


The spare wheels can be easily changed out when necessary.  The zippers are designed to be anti-theft.


The 18″ aluminum telescoping handle is durable and long lasting.  The fabric is water resistant nylon that is tear resistant.  This bag is well-suited for those business travelers who spend a bit of time outdoors as well.

Photo Details

photo collage of best wheeled bags

Recommendation for Best Backpack on Wheels for Travel

This backpack on wheels is a great for business travelers, who will really appreciate the technology support this bag has to offer.  A safe place to put your laptop as well as all the gear that goes with it is always appreciated by the business traveler!  Definitely a rolling laptop backpack (lightweight).

>>Check the current price, more information and reviews.

Neewer 2-in-1 Camera Backpack Bag with Wheels For Travel – 19″

Key features 

This is one of the best backpacks on wheels for photographers!  I’ve never seen such a great wheeled backpack designed specifically for photo enthusiasts as well as all the gear they pack.

The interior of this bag can accommodate a lot of photography equipment; at least one DSLR camera with lens attached, a 15″ laptop, 2-4 extra lenses, a flash unit and other small accessories such as memory cards, cables and batteries.

The total capacity of the bag is 132 pounds!  That’s a lot of camera equipment.  There are side straps that are great for holding a tripod or a light stand.  There is a document pocket on the front of the wheeled backpack for smaller items.


The bottom of the waterproof rolling backpack has an anti-slip design and a rain cover is included.


The backpack is made of dense waterproof nylon.  The telescoping arm is rugged and has a secure grip for pulling the bag.  There is also another top handle to lift the bag when necessary.  The shoulder straps are padded.  The wheels are wide-base roller blade quality.  This really is the best waterproof rolling backpack.

Photo Details

Photo collage of Backpack for photographers

Recommendation for Best Rucksacks with Wheels

This is a great wheeled business backpack for a photography buff who carries a lot of gear when they’re out and about on location.  If you need a great carrying case for all of your photographic gear, this is a really good choice for you.

>>Check the current price, more information and reviews 

High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Laptop Backpack for Students

Key Features

This best rolling backpack luggage for school has a laptop compartment that accommodates up to a 15″ laptop.  Shoulder straps are contoured and adjustable with Vapel mesh that can be tucked away inside the padded back panel when not in use.

There’s a single tube telescoping handle providing effortless pull that can be stowed inside a protective zippered compartment.  The large zippered front compartment in best rolling backpacks for school have  media pocket, and there are multiple side pockets to hold your water bottle and other items neatly.

There’s a zippered accessory compartment on the exterior with a headphone port as well as an open-top side pocket to hold other gear in this best backpack in the world for school.


Reflective strips for added safety and a triangle clip to attach extra gear in the wheeled backpack for school.


This could be a great rolling backpack for middle school!  Smooth rolling corner-mounted skate wheels.  Manufactured with Durable polyester fabric 600 denier Duralite, with a special water-resistant coating to help keep your gear dry.  Also with Duralite Ripstop, with extra fibres interwoven into the fabric at specific intervals to provide great tear strength.  I think this is a great wheeled backpack with laptop compartment.

Photo Details

photo collage of a great wheeled computer bag

Which are the Best Luggage Backpacks for International Travel?

Of course, this question entirely depends on your situation, what you’re planning to do with the backpack on wheels and how you intend to use it.  The question you should yourself is:  Is this one of the best backpacks ever?

For my money, the Osprey wheeled backpacks on wheels are the best that money can buy.  I think they’re the best backpacks on Amazon.  The wheeled backpack reviews are almost universally positive, and the Osprey wheeled backpack guarantee can’t be beat.  The range of different sizes ensure that there is an Osprey bag with wheels for almost any situation.  They might be the best backpacks for adults.

I personally LOVE my Osprey Ozone.  It shows no signs of wear after several years of heavy use and it has met my needs perfectly.  I can’t recommend Osprey enough for rolling backpacks for European travel.

Final Word on Wheeled Backpack Luggage

The best kind of luggage to use is the kind that works best for you and your traveling style.  I absolutely love my best-wheeled backpack and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

What kind of luggage do you prefer?  Are backpacks on wheels your preferred luggage too?  Do you know the best suitcase for Europe travel?

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57 thoughts on “Best Wheeled Backpacks in 2020 (Lightweight & Rolling)

  1. This is a fantastic, all-encompassing guide for rolling backpacks! You provided thorough information regarding rolling bags as well as reviews of some of the best rolling bags on the market. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I was searching for best rolling bag for my traveling needs. I want to use these bags for my suits and laptops. This article help me in choosing the right bag for my traveling needs.
    Thanks for sharing this great article.

  3. Really this is a great, comprehensive guide for wheeled backpacks! They are a great gift idea, and I definitely expect to be using something like this once I’ve settled down. Thank you for the guide, I pinned this for later! your writing style is also very nice. keep it up. thanks

  4. I love all the detail here and things to think about, most of which we ignored on our last purchase, simply getting the cheapest bag, and already wanting a new one. This guide will help me choose.

  5. I think we have quite different styles traveling… I just did a month on 50L, and no need for anything more! I though understand that depending on how you travel having the option of a rolling backpack would be the ideal situation.

    1. Thanks Jenn – I usually do carry-on luggage only, most of the time with my wheeled backpack, 42L. I much prefer carry-on over checked bags for so many reasons – I just love traveling light 🙂

  6. This is the one type of bag that I don’t have yet. I keep avoiding it because I feel like the wheels will make it heavy and awkward, but after reading this post, I may have to rethink that. I think the most important aspect is finding something that is comfortable with straps that are thick and breathable. Thanks for providing so manny options!

    1. Thanks Andi – I don’t find the wheels heavy or awkward at all. The wheeled backpack I have has sturdy plastic wheels and they’ve held up pretty well despite being rolled MILES across all kinds of surfaces. I don’t carry it on my back very much, but when I do, I really appreciate the breathable straps too.

  7. That’s good timing, as my ancient Trespass wheeled backpack is likely to be making its final journeys this year. I’m loving that so many of these have internal straps; even with packing cubes, I’m currently shedding my slithery bag contents when I’m trying to pack. Very tempted by the Osprey, in the hope that it will give me the 10+ years of adventures the Trespass has shared!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Bernadette 🙂 All of the Osprey wheeled backpacks have great guarantees – I think they’re the best!

  8. Great advice! I think it’s a great idea to have wheels on a back pack – it’s not always possible to sling over your shoulder.

  9. What an incredibly detailed and thorough post! I’m currently travelling around the world with an Osprey Fairview 70L backpack and I really wish it had wheels as it’s so heavy on my back!

  10. This is a great, comprehensive guide for wheeled backpacks! They are a great gift idea, and I definitely expect to be using something like this once I’ve settled down. Thank for for the guide, I pinned this for later!

  11. Fabulous review and this will become my go-to post should we be in the market. Two years ago we purchased a High Sierra with wheels and carry on straps. It’s been great travelling with the two options of either wearing it or rolling it.

  12. Very comprehensive review, and so timely because I happen to be in the market for a good travel backpack! I’m definitely eyeing the Victorinox – looks like a great choice for me.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Merryn 🙂 I love the Victorinox too – it has such a great organizer in it! My favourite is the Osprey Ozone, probably because it’s the one I use all the time 🙂

  13. I’m not sure why I never thought of getting a wheeled backpack – they’re so much more flexible than wheeled suitcases and have more compartments! This seems like a great choice for my kids, too. Thanks!

  14. Wow! What great information. I am on a weekend getaway now and didn’t bring my rolling carry on, because I’ve been frustrated with it. It isn’t smooth and I seem to be fighting with it too much. So, I brought a duffel bag, which I lugged on my shoulder through the airports. Will be looking closer at a rolling backpack next.
    visiting from the Midlife Blogging Community <3

  15. Very informative post!
    You’ve covered all the bases on the wheeled back. I have never thought of wheels on a backpack before. It’s a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Rosemary 🙂 I’m glad to hear that the information on the best wheeled backpack was comprehensive and helpful!

  16. Until I read this article, I never really considered a rolling backpack as an option for traveling. With my two daughters recently moving across country, I will be traveling more and looking for lightweight, easy luggage options. Thank you for enlightening me with all of these great details! I have booked marked this page!

  17. The best thing about a properly designed backpack (for someone who’s tiny), is how it’s designed to disperse the weight to my hips instead of my shoulders (and therefore spine). Otherwise, I’d really end up using such a bag as primarily a rolling luggage… so, that’s my two cents!

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