Bacio Rosso Vancouver – A Feast for the Senses!


Bacio Rosso is one of the great things to do in Vancouver! Great food and nightlife in the middle of the city!

Bacio Rosso Vancouver is an intimate, fully immersive evening of Cirque, Comedy and Cuisine!

Guests are seated in the heart of the action with jugglers, contortionists, trapeze artists, magicians, singers and clowns that weave together an unforgettable evening of magic, love and laughter.

We attended Bacio Rosso  in Vancouver in November 2018 with six friends. We didn’t really know what to expect but knew that it would be interesting at the least! The show takes place in Queen Elizabeth Park, with showtimes from Wednesday to Saturday at 7pm and Sundays at 6pm.  Look for signs pointing you in the direction of the big red tent!


What is a Belgian Spiegeltent??

Bacio Rosso Vancouver takes place in an antique Belgian Spiegeltent.  It is described as a majestic mirror palace of hand crafted woodwork adorned with a voluptuous red velvet interior and over two thousand beveled mirrors. The lush red velvet interior is where Bacio Rosso gets its Kiss of Red.

We arrived early at 6pm to meet up with our friends and have drinks in the adjoining bar area. The bar quickly filled up with guests until staff opened the red-velvet curtains of the Spiegeltent at approximately 6:30pm and led us to our tables.

Delicious Food

Our appetizers of Pork Loin Tonnato with Pork Crackling, Giardiniera and Grissini were waiting for us when we were seated. The Primi of Melanzana alla Parmigiana (Eggplant lasagna) was next, followed by the secondi of Rosticciata di Manzo (Slow Roasted Beef). Other options for Primi included a braised chicken or polenta dish. Our meal concluded with Crème di Limone.

Delicious main course!

It was so much fun when our servers surprised us by performing as well!  There was always something to look at, marvel at or laugh about 🙂  There was crazy juggling, beautiful trapeze acts, magicians, excellent vocalists, and of course, audience participation!  I’m always amazed at the skill performers have in selecting audience members willing to be part of the show.

The show was an immersive 3-hour experience with no formal breaks. There was no centre-stage entertainment while food was served but cast members were always visible in the tent, interacting with audience members and performing. We expected the tent to feel a bit cool but it was lovely and warm!  The room felt very intimate and all seating was very close to the action. There are 3 different types of seating options, with ring booths furthest away at about 28 feet, and ring tables (where we sat) at about 22 feet. The closest tables were the  centre seating at the very heart of the action, but the performers moved around the room throughout the performance.

Bacio Rosso is one of the great things to do in Vancouver! Great food and nightlife in the middle of the city!


Prices for Bacio Rosso Vancouver ranged from $119 per person for stage booth seating to $219 for centre seating. We had premium ring seating at $159 and found this table very comfortable. It was quite close to the action! I don’t think you need to spend more to sit in the centre, but if you prefer to be right in the middle of everything, upgrade to the premium seating. Our only complaint was that our party of 8 could not sit together.   We didn’t know until we arrived that premium ring seating only had tables for 6, so two of us had to sit at an adjoining table.  It would be helpful to know in advance what the table limits are at each price point.

Get your tickets now for  an evening at Bacio Rosso – you won’t regret it!

Bacio Rosso is one of the great things to do in Vancouver! Great food and nightlife in the middle of the city!

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